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5 days

Course Description

Centrifugal and axial compressors are susceptible to surge which can cause catastrophic damage to your turbomachinery train.

The Anti-surge controller is one of the most critical turbo-machinery control applications that protect a compressor from surge by continuously calculating the distance between the compressor’s operating point and its surge limit line.

The controller modulates a recycle or blow-off valve to prevent the compressor’s operating point from reaching the surge limit while maintaining other process variables within safe or acceptable limits.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify a variety of compressors
  • Explain surge phenomena and consequences on computer operation and process stability
  • Interpret and recognize the controller’s functions
  • Analyze, identify and resolve alarms

Course Content

- Compressor Systems and Classification

- Surge Phenomenon

  • Theory of Surge Control
  • System Resistance
  • Causes

- Specialized Controller Features

  • Anti-surge Control
  • Performance Control
  • Speed Control
  • Extraction Control

 - Hands-on simulation

  • Using simulation software, a laptop, and a demonstration unit consisting of actual CCC controllers

- Software simulation

  • Compressor maps
  • Process Disturbances
  • Instrument Failures


Program Designed for: 

  • Rotating Equipment Engineers
  • Instrument Engineers
  • Ops Technician Mechanical
  • Ops Technician Instrument
  • Operations Staff
  • Process Engineer.

Refreshments, and lunch are provided. 

Training Materials and Certificate of Achievement will be provided. 

This training is a full day course:

Time: 0800 - 1630

Venue: TBA 

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