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Humanoid is an organization focused in delivery of quality training and consultancy services for the oil and gas industry. We specialise in providing certified competence assurance for personnel in key front line operations roles.

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Follow the link for more information on oil & gas front line operations staff competence standards.

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BTEC International Institution Of The year 2021

BTEC International Institution of the year 2021

The Humanoid team is honoured to be awarded the BTEC International Institution of the year for 2021. We have worked deeply with both Pearson and oil and gas companies to bring efficient and effective competence development standards and solutions for the industry. We are proud to be recognised for our efforts in contributing to the competence development of oil and gas front line operation personnel. Our team shall endeavour to continuously contribute our clients safe, efficient and successful operations .

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Competence Development Program now in Chad, Africa. (Tier 3 - Updated 12 November 2019)

Humanoid Competence Development Program in Chad, Africa



BTEC Assessor Program for Iraqis from EJADA Project (2019)

Welcome and Congratulations to Iraqi Learners from EJADA Project on Completing BTEC Assessor Program



Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards Ceremony 2019 - Malaysia

Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards Ceremony 2019 - Malaysia



Congratulation to Chad CNPCIC Office Team!

Congratulation to CNPCIC office team for completing soft skills and IT training!



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