BTEC Level 4 Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice – QCF (Q70000839)

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3 days


BTEC Level 4  

Course Description

Personnel responsible for the management and quality assurance of  externally certified programs such as :

Learning Objectives

This program aims to impart knowledge & skills to candidates in order to be certified as a BTEC Internal Verifier. 
The course is designed in two parts where th e participant will first attend a workshop to gain the knowledge in internal 
verification techniques. The second part requires the participant to complete a portfolio to carry out internal verification of competency based assessments.

Course Content

Upon successful completion of the program , the candidate will be awarded BTEC Level 4 Certificate in leading the Internal quality assurance of assessment processes & practice.


Day 1

> Who are BTEC         
> Competence Assurance System
> Competence Standard Level
> Competence Assessment Score
> Type of Evidenced used in BTEC
> Assignment Briefs
> What is Internal Verification
> Key Organizational Policies
> The Assessment / Verification Progress
> Roles of the Internal Verifier
> Granding Principles
> Sampling Strategy
> Case Study

Day 2
> Day 1 Review
> Assignment 1
> Policy Review Discussion
> Group Presentation
> Assignment 2
> Planning & Review
> Group Discussion

Day 3
> Day 3 Review
> Assignment 3
> Assessment Scheduling and Planning
> Rollout Planning & Scheduling

Assessment and Portfolio Compilation (3 - 6 months)

> Assessment of 2 candidates

Day 1
> Assessor, Candidate , Internal Verifier Candidate , Planning session and Coaching

Day 2
 Assessor, Candidate, Internal Verifier Candidate, Final Assessment and decision.

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